New version 5.0!

The newest release of the Arrow III is loaded with these new features! 

  • "Convertible" instrument panel - fly with either the traditional analog gauge panel or use the Aspen EFD 1000. Change on the fly!
  • AutoUpdate included! We licensed the AutoUpdate plugin from ShadeTree Micro Aviation so that your Arrow III stays up to date at all times - when you load the Arrow III, AutoUpdate checks for updates to your model and automatically downloads them!
  • New PBR textures for exterior and interior 
  • Built-in support for the RealityXP(r) GNS430 and GTN650 plugins
  • "Pop-Out" 3D gauges can be re-positioned on the screen
  • New stand-alone DME - by request from our international users, we added a new KN62A DME for ILS requirements
  • New FMOD sounds provide a more immersive flying experience
  • New menu system has Options page, Interactive Weight & Balance page, and automated Check Lists
  • "Persistent" saved settings - your options, preferences and many, many switch settings are saved when you exit, and restored the next time you fly
  • Improved, accurate flight performance
  • New HDR lighting effects
  • New taxi light added to the nose gear by request
  • Uses XLUA plugin
  • All four pilot/passenger figures are animated
  • 3D propeller disc effect
  • Super hi-res textures
  • 16 liveries included