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New version 5.1!

The newest release of the Arrow III is VR ready! If you have X-Plane 11.20b3 or newer, you will enjoy an amazing virtual reality flight in the Arrow III.

Other new features and fixes for the Arrow III verson 5.1 are: 

  • VR Ready! The new version of the Arrow III is Virtual Reality ready (requires X-Plane 11.20b3 or newer). We created all new cockpit manipulators according to Laminar Research’s “Guidance for Authors” for VR development
  • Resizable and Repositionable Menu Panels – You can now move the small control icon anywhere you like on the screen, and its position will be saved for your next flight. The Options panel, Weight & Balance panel and Check List panel can also be moved and resized, and their sizes and positions are saved.
  • New Custom Airfoils by Alan Shafto of AeroSim Gaming – Alan’s custom airfoils help improve ground handling and flight performance

This new version also addresses ground handling issues that were reported by some users in version 5.0.