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We are proud to offer quality general aviation add-on aircraft models for the X-Plane community. We hope you'll take a few minutes to explore our current fleet of aircraft - we think you'll discover an immersive level of realism with our high-quality models. Click on the "EXPLORE OUR FLEET" link above, or click the product images below to see full descriptions and photo galleries of all of our models.

Our newest addition to the Cherokee fleet, the Modern Panel version includes two different panel options: The analog panel or the glass-panel option that features an Aspen E1000 PFD by Mario Donick. Check the list above for all the other great features.

Read the TOM's Cockpit review here to find out more about the Ikarus C42C

FREE MODEL! You can download our new Ryan Navion 205 Vintage model for X-Plane 11 for free!

Click on the image at left to see more photos of the Navion 205, and to get to the download. Also available on X-Plane.org at https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48223-vflyteair-ryan-navion-205-vintage-freeware/

Ikarus C42C for X-Plane 11

Click on the image above to see photos and more information

Our own Mario Donick has been taking his flight lessons in the Ikarus C42C (tail numbers D-MSYF and D-MNLN) for the past few months, so we leveraged his knowledge and hands-on experience to create a replica of his two primary trainers. In June 2018, Mario and his friend recorded almost 100 original sound recordings from the real-world D-MSYF and we used all of the sounds in the FMOD configuration for this aircraft. Because Mario flies a real Ikarus C42C, we took great pains to make this model as realistic as possible. Mario provided guidance along the way as to how the real airplane behaves in all aspects of flight.

The Cherokee 140 Original features two different panels; the original VFR trainer panel, and a new IFR panel with g430 GPS, Avidyne AXP 340 Transponder and KAP 140 Autopilot. Switch between panels mid-flight! Click on the image above for more photos.


  • Dynamic, animated rain and ice effects on windows and windshield using libRain plugin by Skiselkov (included in the model)
  • KAP 140 Autopilot now uses the X-Plane preconfigured KAP140
  • FMOD sounds
  • "Save State" options, settings and preferences
  • Pop-out Kneeboard with Options and Re-fueling slider bar controls
  • Virtual Reality optimized
  • New PBR textures for interior
  • Automatic support for RealityXP(tm) GTN 650 and GNS 430 plugins
  • Integrated support for AviTab tablet plugin
  • Improved flight model
  • Partial Panel Practice - place "INOP" placards (with secondary instrument hints) over the gauges
  • ShadeTree Micro Aviation Autoupdate plugin included - keeps your copy up to date!
  • Improved animations with new button-press animations and new X-Plane 11.30 animations
  • Same great hi-res textures and super detailed model

Check out this comprehensive review of the Cherokee 140 Original by Angelique van Campen of 


Cirrus SR20

Featuring a sophisticated simulation of the Cirrus Perspective(tm) avionics package (created by Mario Donick for vFlyteAir), the SR20 model is compatible with X-Plane 11. The newest version has custom airfoils, propeller and flight modeling by Alan Shafto of AeroSimGaming. New FMOD sounds and PBR textures provide the best in X-Plane 11 realism! 

Piper PA28R-201 Arrow III

Ready for X-Plane 11, our Arrow III has support for VR flight,super hi-res PBR textures and a highly detailed animated model! Fly GPS flight plans and ILS approaches with the Laminar Research g430. A realistic GTX327 transponder with four different timer modes, dual OBS gauges and a digital VOR instrument help make this a very capable instrument-flight bird. The Arrow III is a complex GA aircraft with 200HP Lycoming engine and retractable gear.

Grumman AA5 Traveler

Our Grumman Traveler AA5 model has been updated with new X-Plane 11 PBR textures. The Traveler features an STEC System 30 autopilot integrated with the Turn/Bank indicator, dual COM and NAV radios, ADF, DME. The Traveler does not have a GPS, so if you are looking for RNAV and GPS flight planning, try the Grumman Tiger model! The Traveler is great fun for basic IFR and VFR navigation. 

Grumman AA5B Tiger

Featuring the original factory-created Bengal Tiger paint scheme, our Grumman Tiger model was modeled from a real-world example located in Texas, USA. Fly IFR and VFR with this model - it comes with an STEC System 30 autopilot intergrated with the Turn/Bank indicator, X-Plane g430 GPS, custom GTX327 transponder, a Terra NAV OBS, HSI, EDM 700 engine monitor and much more! X-Plane 11 ready!

Piper PA30 Twin Comanche

Our Twin Comanche is purpose-built for X-Plane 11! Now supports VR.New FMOD sounds, PBR hi-res textures, XLUA custom plugin programming and much more! Avionics include a Garmin (X-Plane) g530, realistic Avidyne GTX340 Transponder, Radar Altimeter, HSI, Piper AutoFlite III autopilot, OBS 2, COM2/NAV2 radio, Digital Fuel Flow Monitor, Audio Panel, Altimeter, EGT/CHT gauge with selectable cylinders, tachometer, MAP, Altimeter, ASI

Piper PA28-140 Cherokee 140 Modern Version

Based on our Cherokee 140 Original version, the Modern model has two different panel options that are selectable on the fly! Choose either the traditional analog-gauge panel or the glass panel that features Mario Donick's Aspen E1000 primary flight display.  Both panel options are IFR capable and are fitted with audio panels, GPS, transponder, STEC 55 autopilot, DME and ADF. You can fly ILS and RNAV approaches , as well as GPS flight plans. New animated rain and ice effects courtesy of the included librain plugin. Our Cherokee 140 models are updated for X-Plane 11 with ultra-resPBR textures and excellent flight performance.

Piper PA28-140 Cherokee 140 Original Version

Our Cherokee 140 Original was modeled from the real-world Cherokee, tail number N3466K, which I have personally flown on several occasions. The Original is a VFR-only model with traditional analog instruments. If you are looking for a realistic simulator trainer, or simply enjoy VFR flying, this is the model for you! This model has been updated recently with two different panel options, selectable on the fly. The second panel option is ILS capable and has GPS flight plan following.