New X-Plane 11 Textures for your Piper Cherokee 140!

We've just released new textures for our Cherokee 140 series that add surface reflections and advanced PBR effects to the fleet!  If you are flying X-Plane 11 Beta, these new textures will let you experience X-Plane's new PBR (Physical Based Rendering) visual effects including surface reflections, enhanced specularity effects and glass-blending effects.
The new XP11 textures are available as a free download. PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE README.TXT file included in each package before installing!

Cherokee 140 "G" (Glass Panel) Patch Kit

Cherokee 140 "C" (Classic Panel) Patch Kit

Cherokee 140 "O" (Original Version) Patch Kit

Click here to see new screen shots showcasing the new XP11 textures!

Download the XP11 Patch Kit(s) to add XP11-style visual effects to your Cherokee 140!


Our newest Piper Cherokee variant is now available, featuring an Aspen E1000 Primary Flight Display (by Mario Donick), and fully-modernized "glass panel" including the g530 and g430 GPS units (X-Plane instruments), a custom Garmin GTX327 transponder and custom STEC 55x autopilot. 

This Cherokee 140 "G" is instrument-flight capable - the autopilot will track VOR, GPS, Heading, Altitude, Vertical Speed, ILS Approach and GPS RNAV Approach. Use the Aspen PFD to set your autopilot heading, altitude, and OBS tracking.

Click the banner above to see the screen shots! NOTE: vFlyteAir Cherokee owners, please contact us for a special discount on the new Glass-panel version!

"Best General Aviation Aircraft - 2016"

Our Cherokee 140 C and O models were just named "Best General Aviation Aircraft" in Stephen Dutton's "The Year in Review" at! Come inside and check them out for yourself!

UPDATED! Our updates to the entire vFlyteAir fleet are now complete with the Grumman Traveler AA5 model Loaded with our latest features, you'll love the new Traveler! Click on the image at right to see the screen shots ------->>>>>>>

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Our new 10.50-compatible models are ready with mouse scroll-wheel support and other great new features!

The following models have been upgraded, and are now compatible with X-Plane 10.50:

  • Piper Arrow III - version 4.0
  • Cherokee 140 ORIGINAL & CLASSIC versions - version 2.0
  • Ryan Navion - version 2.0
  • Cirrus SR20 - version 2.0
  • Grumman Tiger AA-5B - version 4.0
  • Grumman Traveler AA-5 - version 3.0

About the upcoming X-Plane 11: Our models do work in X-Plane 11, but we have not fully tested them, so we cannot yet guarantee compatibility with X-Plane 11. For now, please use our models in X-Plane 11 at your own risk.We are working on creating patch kits that will add surface reflections and other X-Plane 11 PBR features, and will make those available as soon as we can.