vFlyteAir Piper Arrow III with G5 Now Compatible with RealSimGear G5

As of version 1.5, our Arrow III G5 E1000 now directly supports the RealSimGear G5 hardware units. The new Arrow III version comes with built-in support for the RealSimGear G5 and includes the necessary "CommandMapping.ini" needed to translate the RSG G5 button/knob commands to the Arrow III G5 plugin. If you own the RealSimGear G5 units, the Arrow III plugin will automatically detect the RealSimGear plugin and will run the G5 simulation for the RSG units.

vFlyteAir Piper Arrow III with Custom Garmin G5 Simulation - Now Available!

We are very pleased to announce the version 6.0 release of our popular Piper Arrow III model which now features our custom Garmin G5 simulation. We completely rebuilt our Arrow III during 2020/2021 and added our new custom-built Garmin G5 simulation. There is also a version with the Aspen EFD1000 simulation. Both models feature pop-out 2D panels for the G5 or E1000 instruments and other iin-panel instruments including autopilots and engine monitor. The pop-out panels can moved, resized or popped out to an Operating System window for display on a separate monitor.Both models are included in your purchase, and are installed in X-Plane as two different airplanes. We are excited about the G5 simulation because we feel that it is a very plausible and realistic simulation of the Garmin G5. Check it out on the home page!

Previous Arrow III customers can upgrade to the new version for $12.00 USD. We will send emails out to all previous Arrow III customers with instructions on how to obtain the new model, along with license keys for the product.

vFlyteAir Now Owns the Milviz Turbo Otter for X-Plane (Feb 2020)

We are very pleased to announce that vFlyteAir Simulations, in partnership with X-Plane.org, acquired the rights to the Milviz DHC-3T Turbo Otter at the end of December 2019. After releasing the Turbo Otter in mid-2019, Milviz decided to abandon their X-Plane development efforts. As a result, the Turbo Otter was left somewhat wanting for support, and customers were disappointed. Because we were a primary partner in developing the Turbo Otter for X-Plane, we decided to offer to purchase the Turbo Otter from Military Visualizations so that the model could continue to be viable and supported for the X-Plane community.

After acquiring the model, we spent a full month making changes, making improvements and retooling the Turbo Otter. We are proud to say that the model is now improved. We are committed to supporting the model throughout its life cycle in the X-Plane world.

Here are the major improvements to the Turbo Otter since vFlyteAir acquired it:

  • KAP 140 autopilot now works correctly in all phases of autopilot control
  • Flight model is improved
  • Fuel flow is more accurate
  • Redesigned menu system with instrument panel options, passenger and cargo loading, fuel loading, options selections and dynamic weight and balance
  • Yoke can now be "thrown over" to the copilot
  • New Harbour Air livery added
  • Extensive "save states" added - your switch settings, options selections and other items are saved each time you quit X-Plane, and restored the next time you fly
The new vFlyteAir Turbo Otter is available exclusively at the X-Plane.org store. You can find it here
Now Available - Cessna 150 Commuter (Nov 2019)

Many of us learned to fly in the venerable Cessna 150 or 152. First produced in 1958, the C150 was to become the fourth best selling general aviation aircraft ever produced, and many of them are still in the air. Our newest release is based on one of those still-flying examples. We had personal access for several days to this vintage C150 three years ago, and we finally decided to bring it to life in X-Plane. This is tail number N-17043, based out of a small grass-strip community airstrip near Houston, Texas, USA. She is a 1972 Cessna 150L model.

We outfitted the C150 with two different panels - the original panel from N17043 is a basic trainer panel with only a COM1/NAV1 radio, a transponder and an OBS gauge. The "Commuter" panel facilitates more comfortable and longer flights. It has an audio panel, KX165A COM1/NAV1 radio with OBS display mode and 8.33khz channel support, a KX165 COM2/NAV2 radio, a transponder, a DME, a simulation of the Cessna 300A single-axis autopilot, and dual OBS gauges. Optionally, you can substitute a Cessna 300 ADF radio with ADF gauge - it replaces the DME and KX165 radio in the radio stack, and replaces the OBS2 gauge with the ADF gauge.

Check out the new Cessna in further detail here...