Not compatible with older versions of X-Plane - please see the "X-Plane 11 Models" page for older versions

Special Discount for owners of older versions of the vFlyteAir Cherokee 140 Original and Modern versions!

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Cherokee 140 for X-Plane 12

Not compatible with X-Plane 11

Our newest version of the Cherokee 140 has been rebuilt from the ground up for X-Plane 12! The interior has been updated with new leather seats and upholstery and a new off-white instrument panel. Three different panel configurations are available. The default panel features our brand-new custom Aspen E5 PFD/MFD simulation coupled with our custom Bendix/King KFD 230 touch screen autopilot. If you prefer, you can fly with analog instruments instead of the glass panel option.

  • Rebuilt from scratch for X-Plane 12!
  • Sound effects updated to FMOD 2
  • Three different panel options - the default panel features our new Aspen E5 PFD/MFD and a KFC 230 touch-screen autopilot. The second panel option replaces the E5 with a traditional HSI. The third panel option is the old-school VFR panel for practicing VOR navigation.
  • Aspen E5, AXP340 Transponder and KFC 230 Autopilot can be "popped out" to X-Plane context windows
  • Popup Menu with Options, Load Manager and Normal Procedures Check Lists
  • Analog Altimeter can be changed from in hg to hPa (click on the Kollsman window)
  • Headphones - "plug in" to attenuate engine and exterior sounds
  • Working fuses
  • Optional Custom Engine Start feature - when ON, the Custom Engine Start option requires the pilot to follow engine start procedures per the POH including throttle lever setting, mixture setting and priming
  • Keep your Cherokee 140 updated with the Skunkcrafts Updater plugin (separate download)
  • Integrated support for the AviTab plugin
  • Integrated, automatic support for the RealityXP GNS430 or GTN650 plugins (sold separately)
  • Super hi-res textures
  • New PBR textures
  • Support for X-Plane 12 rain and ice effects
  • Dynamic Load Manager allows you to add/remove fuel and change pilot & passenger weights. Optional installable rear bench seat allows you to add a rear passenger. Check your CG with the dynamic chart
  • 12 different liveries including a blank white
  • Show or Hide the gauges and instruments glass or show/hide the window glass
  • Optional shake/vibration effects - engine vibration, engine start, engine shut-down, stalls and touch-down causes airframe to shake and vibrate


Paint Kit Available here: Cherokee 140 v12 Paint Kit
  • Guided, interactive pre-flight walk-around
  • Optional wheel pants - if installed, reduces airframe drag a bit
  • Tow bar feature - pull your bird out of the hanger using the tow bar!
  • Selectable male or female pilot
  • Show or Hide the optional AviTab tablet (if installed)
  • Transparent Yokes Option - if selected the pilot and copilot yokes are shown as see-through for a better view of the instrument panel
  • Cold and Dark startup option
  • Liveries are quickly selectable from the Options Menu
  • Virtual Reality optimized
  • New Paint Kit available for download here: Cherokee 140 v12 Paint Kit
  • "Save States" preferences - more than 35 different settings, options and preferences are saved each time you fly. Your settings are restored the next time you fly.