Piper Arrow III with Custom G5 or EFD1000 Glass Panels for X-Plane 11

Not compatible with X-Plane 12! - please see the "X-Plane 12 Models" page for newer models

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New version 12.0 with G5 and E1000 Glass Panels - Now Available for X-Plane 12!

We completely rebuilt our Arrow III for X-Plane 12. You can fly the Arrow III with either dual Garmin G5s or the EFD1000 glass panel option. Both models are included in your purchase. Simply choose the version that you want to fly when you run X-Plane. Both versions can also be flown with traditional "steam gauge" panels. Features for the Arrow IIIG5 E1000 include: 

  • G5 Version Our custom Garmin G5 simulation was developed by vFlyteAir with the assistance of real-world pilots who regularly fly the Garmin G5. With their help, we believe we have created a very plausible and realistic simulation of the G5 exclusively for use in our own fleet of aircraft. No 3rd party plugins required! Our G5 plugin directly supports the RealSimGear G5 hardware.The G5 version can also be switched to a traditional analog-gauge panel using the Options Menu. The G5 can be configured to use either Imperial or Metric units for altitude and airspeed. Your G5 settings are saved each time you fly and are restored the next time. We have even modeled Electronic Stability Protection which provides over-pitch and under-pitch, over-speed and under-speed and over-roll protections to keep the Arrow III within acceptable flight envelope parameters. 
  • G5 Version has Integrated GFC500 Autopilot with GMC 507 Control Head - With the G5 glass panel option selected, the Arrow III is equipped with the GFCD 500 autopilot that uses a GMC 507 controller. The GFC 500 is tightly integrated with the G5 PFD, which displays autopilot states on-screen, The GMC 507 controller can be popped out to separate window for easier viewing and manipulation.
  • G5 Version has Integrated support for RealSimGear G5 units - With the G5 glass panel option selected, the Arrow III plugin will automatically find any attached RealSimGear G5 units, and will place the G5 PFD and HSI screens onto the RealSimGear monitors. We have provided the necessary CommandMapping.ini file needed by the RealSimGear plugin for proper operation. Please see the RealSimGear G5 documentation for instructions on how to attach the RSG G5s and configure X-Plane to support the RSG units.
  • E1000 Version – For those who prefer the Aspen EFDE1000, we have updated our E1000 simulation to provide a more realistic and accurate experience. The E1000 version can also be switched to a traditional analog-gauge panel using the Options Menu. The E1000 can be configured to use either Imperial or Metric units for altitude and airspeed. Your E1000 settings are saved each time you fly and are restored the next time.
  • E1000 with KFC 230 Touch-screen Autopilot - The Arrow III E1000 version uses a touch-screen KFC 230 autopilot which can be popped out to a separate window for easier viewing and manipulation.
  • Pop-Up Options Menu with Checklists– Click the small Piper logo at bottom left of the screen to pop up the Options Menu, which allows you to select options and preferences, choose Glass Panel or Analog-Gauge instrument panel, summon a Tow Tractor, add fuel and passengers, open/close doors, remove wheel chocks and cowl plugs and display the Normal Procedures check lists.
  • Tow Tractor Feature - When you are on the ground with the engine off, you can summon a Tow Tractor to tow the Arrow III out of the hangar. A pop-up control panel allows you steer and control the forward and reverse speed of the Tow Tractor.
  • Custom M803 Chronometer - Our M803 chronometer simulation works like the real instrument. Functions include Universal Time Display, Local Time, automatic Flight Timer, Elapsed Timer (Count UP) and Elapsed Timer (Count DOWN). The upper part of the display shows the bus voltage being generated or outside air temperature in either Celsius or Farenheit.
  • Custom GI 275 EIS Touch-Screen Engine Monitor - The GI 275 EIS has four different pages of engine and flight information and can be "popped out" as a separate window.
  • Keep your Arrow III up to date with the STMA Autoupdater (included)
  • Switchable Panels - Glass Panel or Analog Panel - Both the G5 and the E1000 versions can be switched "on the fly" to a traditional analog-gauge panel using the Options Menu.

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  • RealityXP® Plugin Support - Both Arrow III versions have integrated, automatic in-panel support for up to six different RXP plugin configurations, including RXP g430, RXP GTN650 and RXP GTN750 options.
  •  On-Screen Warnings and Notifications—Warnings and notifications will appear on-screen under certain conditions such as forgetting to set the transponder to ALT mode, or leaving a door open during taxi. Can be turned off by the user.
  • Save-States—your preferences and settings are saved automatically each time you unload the Arrow III, and are restored the next time you load the Arrow III. Your settings for the G5 and the Aspen instruments are saved in separate files and restored when you fly again.
  • Wheel Chocks and Cowl Plugs—Use the Options Menu to remove the wheel chocks and cowl plugs. If the wheel chocks are left in place, the airplane will not move.

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  • Windows XP -7-8 (or higher) or MAC OS 10.8 (or higher) or Linux
  • X-Plane 12.x Required
  • i5 (or equivalent) 2.5 GHz – 8GB RAM – 2GB Video card
  • Download size is 800MB
  • 1.1GB available hard disk space required  (2.2GB required to install both versions)
  • INTERNET CONNECTION is required for installing and updating this product.
  • RealSimGear G5 hardware needed for RealSimGear support (purchase separately from RealSimGear.com)
  • Arrow III G5 Version
  • Arrow III E1000 Version
  • Eight liveries
  • Arrow III G5 Pilot's Guide PDF
  • G5 Pilot's Manual PDF
  • E1000 Pilot's Guide PDF
  • GFC500/GMC507 Autopilot Pilot's Guide
  • KFC 230 Autopilot Pilot's Guide
  • GI 275 EIS Pilot's Guide
  • M803 Pilot's Guide PDF
  • PA28R-201 Pilot Operating Handbook PDF  (Not for Real Flight)
New features for the Arrow IIIG5 E1000 include: 
  • Realistic Airframe Vibration/Shake Effects—The airframe and controls shake slightly when the engine is running. The shaking is more noticeable when the Arrow III begins to stall, on touch-down , and when the engine is shut down. You can turn off the Shake Effects using the Options Menu.
  • Accurate Flight Model—Our Arrow III model has been completely rebuilt in X-Plane Planemaker to provide accurate flight characteristics and ground handling. The Arrow III can be flown with X-Plane’s Experimental Flight Model feature turned ON or OFF. The new version corrects issues with ground handling experienced in the previous versions
  • Detailed3D Model and Hi-Res Textures—the Arrow III features highly detailed 3D modeling and super hi-res textures for the most realism possible in a flight simulator. PBR textures and 3D lights are used throughout to add to the realism.
  • VR-Ready—cockpit controls have been optimized for Virtual Reality
New features for the Arrow IIIG5 E1000 include:
  • Animated Pilot, Copilot and Passengers - The pilot and passengers are animated with random movements, and they also respond to aircraft bank and pitch.
  • Dynamically Calculated Weight and Balance—as you add fuel and passengers, the airplane weight and Center of Gravity are recalculated and adjusted in X-Plane. Use the Weight & Balance chart on the Options Menu to check your aircraft weight and center of gravity under the current loading.
  • FMOD Sounds with Spatial Effects
  • Support for AviTab P{ugin - If you have the AviTab plugin installed, an e-tablet will appear mounted to the pilot yoke. You can hide or show the AviTab tablet using the Options Menu.
  • Support for libRain plugin—NOTE: We provide support for the libRain plugin with the Arrow III. However, at time of release, the libRain plugin does not work with X-Plane Vulcan. The libRain pljugin is NOT included with the Arrow III and must be downloaded separately.