Piper Twin Comanche for X-Plane 11

Not compatible with X-Plane 12 - please see the "X-Plane 12 Models" page for newer versions

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Piper Twin Comanche for X-Plane 11

Special Features: 

  • Popup menu system with Options page, Weight & Balance page with dynamic Weight & Balance chart, a Check Lists page with all normal procedures check lists and a Power Settings page
  • FMOD sound package for 3-D spatial sound effects
  • Custom Engine Startup feature which requires pilot to follow start procedures detailed in the Pilot Operating Handbook
  • PBR textures used throughout -glass and shiny surfaces use the new X-Plane reflection and specularity effects
  • Optional Tip Tanks for extra range
  • 13 different liveries included
  • Emergency gear operation modeled
  • Custom Exterior Lighting
  • Custom HDR lighting, interior and exterior
  • Compatible with the RealityXP gns530 plugin  (see Reality-XP.com for purchase) - INI file included for the gns530
  • Wheel chocks and cowl plugs can be toggled off/on from the Options Menu
  • Pilot and passenger figures for all four seats - use the Weight & Balance menu to add passengers and cargo
  • Animated pilot and copilot
  • User Manuals included for the Twin Comanche and all custom instruments
  • Keep your Twin Comanche up to date with the STMA Autoupdater (included)

$24.95 On Sale